Varsha’s commitment to customers: Quality, Price, Innovation, Communication, Market Research, Marketing Support

CONSISTENT DELIVERY: A capability we have honed that allows us to help customers eliminate the complications of too many vendors, too many solicitations and not enough delivery.

COMMUNICATION: We keep you updated with reports, we are ALWAYS available for quick answers, and we are relatable in a way that makes cooperation pleasant AND efficient an important combination regularly touted, but rarely achieved.

MARKETING SUPPORT AND INNOVATION: We have an inherent commitment to product refinement and new color development. Our active R&D translates positively to our customers P&L.

MARKET RESEARCH: To thoughtfully approach each market we work in and bring this knowledge of what is working and who is working to our customers for maximum benefit and profitable impact.

QUALITY: Premium Plus Rated Extraordinary Granite Slabs

  • Premium Block Selection
  • Finest Cutting
  • Superior Polish
  • Maximum Gloss
  • Diamond Finish