To enable natural stone slab warehouses to supply countertops to home-owners with minimal overheads by the means of prefabrication. Providing a ready sustainable solution for a homeowner. Providing easy means of house makeover. Making remodelling the house as easy as amazon shopping – on the click of a Button. As labour is expensive in developed countries, prefabrication works.

Expensive labour in developed countries. Everyone deserves happiness through kitchen counters in their living spaces.

Varsha Fabrications removes all worries of hiring expensive labour, their insurance costs, time taken to complete a project, by sending a prefabricated product which only needs minimal customisation before installation. Warehouse owners sell slabs, sinks, vanities, etc. By adding a prefabricated countertop to their product range, they are able to cater to a new segment of customers who want cheaper/ standardized colors and installation time to be quicker.


“At Varsha we offer a breath-taking choice of premium quality stone, carefully selected by us, from all corners of the world.”


Varsha Stones is passionate about its products, quality and service. Each year over 40,000 tons of the finest granite pass through our yards and deliver millions of kitchen countertops, vanities and bathroom surfaces on time within budget.

Our team of professional stone masons fabricates the stone to the highest specification using the latest hi-tech machinery and equipment. We are also proud to have the craftsmanship skill and expertise to cut stone the advanced way.

Choosing stone for interiors is an exciting decision whether you are a private customer, commercial client or professional builders, we know you will be inspired by our impressive selection of stone in the latest colors, textures and tones.

We have vast portfolio of colors and stone samples in our showroom as well as impressive slabs of different granite, quartz and marbles in our yards. Please feel free to come and see us for inspiration, advice, design ideas and product choice we look forward to welcoming you to Varsha.


One of the earth’s toughest materials, granite has its own natural beauty. Some stones include brilliant reflective crystals which gives a wonderful luminosity and intensity. Granite is fantastically hard-wearing and we produce it in different finishes, from highly polished to satin sheen or matt. Super strong and low porous, this stone is great for kitchens and bathroom work surfaces.


These are some of our fast-selling edge profiles we offer. We can offer custom edge profiles upon request. We are equipped with state of art machinery and skilled talents to get the best profiles.